"There are as many solutions to a data analysis problem as there are souls on the Earth".

I know everyone has their own way of writing scripts, managing, analysing, and visualising data. I will share here the ways I have found easier. Every R script used in this blog is shared on my Github page. The topics will be mainly about - not in any particular order - data analysis and visualisation, instrumentation, and geotechnical engineering.

2020-10-26 Blog #8: Open access data: What do we share?

2020-10-13 Blog #7: How can I share my paper?

2020-08-16 Blog #6: Importing and merging multiple data files in R

2020-08-09 Blog #5: Fitting soil water retention curve data in R

2020-08-02 Blog #4: Controlling external devices with data loggers

2020-07-26 Blog #3: Complex panel plots in R

2020-07-19 Blog #2: Temperature contour plots showing variation in depth and time

2020-07-12 Blog #1: Calculating monthly, daily, and hourly means of time series data

Keywords: Blog; Time series data; Temperature contour; Panel plots; R; Data loggers; Researchgate; Open access